Extranet User Application

The HASC Extranet is for authorized use only and its access must be protected. Submitting this application is an indication that you agree to these terms.

HASC Extranet User Application

Security and Usage Tips:

  • You may set up each person in your office as individual users.
  • Make the password difficult to guess. Passwords should not be proper names or dictionary words. A mixture of numbers, letters, and upper and lowercase letters is the most secure.
  • Please be careful with usernames and passwords. Allow only responsible staff to have access.
  • Cancel any users that leave your company or for whatever reason should no longer be allowed access by contacting Customer Relations.

Email us if you have any questions.

Registration Form

Please notify Customer Relations when you have an online user that should be deleted so that we can keep the database current. Thank you.

Call 281-476-9900 x310 to verify your account.

Person authorizing this user to conduct business via HASC's Extranet.
Please name the user to be removed from the system.

New Contact Information

Confirmations of registrations made by this user will be mailed to this address.

Physical Address

After receiving this information, we will activate each username and password and send you a hyperlink to the log on screen.

In most cases we will reply the same day, otherwise it will be the next business day that you will receive your confirmation and link.

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